Our Mission

To provide real world flight training, preparing pilots for careers in aviation by teaching practical skills and exposing pilots to conditions similar to that of their next job. Canadian Aviation College is in partnership with Wabusk Air to provide our top graduates a real career path. We pride ourselves on being very well connected in the aviation industry, with our approachable senior management always available to guide our students and staff to wherever their career path may lead.

Our Staff


Michael Hicks

Chief Flight Instructor

Steve Wolff

Board of Governors

Duane Hicks
was a founder and Executive VP of Marketing for Discovery Air, the largest specialty air operator in Canada.

Paul Cox
owns and operates Wabusk Air, a scheduled airline and charter services provider serving Northern Ontario

Todd Caleizzi
owns and operates Expedition Helicopters and group of companies.

Please contact us for partnership opportunities, or to volunteer to join our board of governors to help shape the future generation of pilots.